The Sandy Township Municipal Authority provides public drinking water and wasewater service to over 1,650 township residents.
Our water department consists of a water pumping station, a water storage tank, many fire hydrants, all of our various entry point master meters, multiple house meters, and over 24 miles of water main lines.

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Our sewer department consists of a class "D" rated sewage treatment plant servicing the I80 exit 97 area, 5 sewage pumping stations, a 24/7 flow monitoring 'flume', and over 24 miles of sewer main lines.
Our goal is always to provide the cleanest and safest drinking water to our customers and to discharge the cleanest wastewater as well. Through testing we monitor our water and wastewater continuously to achieve this goal. If there are any complaints to either of these departments they can be addressed by calling or sending us an email decribing the nature of your problem.

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